Affiliation: National Assessment and Accreditation Council

Recognition Approval

Recognition from NCTE, Jaipur:
  • The Shri Krishna College of Education, Pali is recognized by NCTE. Jaipur for B.Ed (200 seats) vide order No.
  • F.NRC/NCTE/F-3/HR/193/8958 dated 12 th October 2004 and F.NRC/NCTE/F-7/9727 dated 2nd December 2006. New recognized order no.
  • F.No./NRC/NCTE/HR-663, HR-193/2015/116202 dated 11 th June 2015.
  • D.Ed. (100 Seats): Recognized by NCTE vide order No.FNRC/NCTE/F-7/9827 dt.2.12.2006 and No.FNRC/NCTE/F-3/HR-1164/50104 dt.14.05.2008
  • Shri Krishna Sports College, Pali: C.P.Ed (50 seats): Recognized vide order No. FNRC/NCTE/F-3/ HR-353/27557 dated 13.9.2007 .
Affiliation with Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak:
  • The College is affiliated with Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak for B.Ed.vide order No. CB-IX/04/9922-30 dated 13.10.2004,for D.Ed vide order No.CB-VI/09/2503-2631 dt.l0.2.2010 and for C.P.Ed. vide order No. CB-I/SKSCP/08/7198.